Helping Cancer Patients & Doctors

Analytics tool to manage, predict and improve the cure and treatment of cancer diagnosed patients. Management tool . Predictive model . E-Health Record.


Data from more than 34,000+ Patient Cases. Be part of one of our clinical trials.

Data sharing may help doctors, researchers and institutions to identify the best treatment under certain conditions and to find new methods for a cure.

Management Tool.

Track your treatment. Give access to external physicians. Control medications, symptoms and activity. Get access to online aid, independent of your location. Give access to your palliative care team.

Predictive Model.

Using data from more than 34,000 patient cases, Vähk provides treatment suggestions on cases similar to yours, and always in consultation with your oncologist. The aims is to produce research grade data which is useful also for researchers.

E-Health Record.

Show your doctor detailed reports from your medication, tracked symptoms, and activity. Together with your doctor, explore proven options which may be most efficient, which are taken from large nationally and international databases.

With your oncologist, evaluate the benefits of monitoring your treatment and medical history with Vähk today.


Product & Idea Feedback

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"It is best to focus on one or two problems that patients and doctors are dealing with, and try to be the very best at solving that problem with your app. Better than anything else that is available in the world".

Dr. Dan Le Canada
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"Let Others Love and Help You. I had to stop everything I was doing and let people who loved me help me. Stopping forced me to take a look at my life and discover my superpower—my purpose in life—the reason for getting out of bed in the morning.“

Kara, 46, Breast Cancer Riverside, CA,
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"I wish I knew how long it would take to get over my treatment. We all think, hope and believe that once that we have completed our treatment we'll bounce back quickly to being ourselves. Of course, everyone is different... But many people may cope with lingering side effects including fatigue, neuropathy, chemobrain and other long lasting side effects"

Andrew M. Survivor

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